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Teacher coaster / paperweight

Teacher coaster / paperweight

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One of the greatest ways to show appreciation to a special teacher, is to gift them with something personal! These paperweight-and-coaster combos will make your favorite teacher proud to display your thoughtful present. These may be customized and come in any color! They are approximately 4" across, and are made from a mold with hand poured FDA compliant epoxy resin

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I will choose the crayon and paper clip colors unless specified by you in the personalization section.

If you're purchasing for a specific grade level teacher, please indicate which type of coaster you would like in the personalization section.

For example:
-Middle/High School Teachers: Receive 2 pencils instead of 1 pencil and one crayon

I use all colors of crayons, so if there is a specific color you'd prefer not to have, please specify in the personalization section.

Coasters will be made with white vinyl unless specified otherwise in the personalization section. Please note that all coasters are handmade by me using epoxy resin, therefore small micro bubbles may appear.

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