Collection: Pens

Imagine your favorite pen with a little sparkle. You already know papermate inkjoy pens are awesome, but have you ever seen a personalized one before?

Perfectly personalized and customized to your liking.  I take what's great about the papermate inkjoy pens, then add glitter, decals or stickers and make them better! The part - they are REFILLABLE!!

Perfect for teachers, nurses or office workers!! Never have anyone steal your pen again!! Black or blue ink available. Each pen comes with a velvet pouch and one refill. I offer over 200 different color glitters, marble dipped, woodgrain and lots of other custom designs. I even make pens that look like pencils or crayons!!

Choose your design and whether or not you would like them personalized.  All pens take 1-2 weeks on average (usually 5-7 days). They are made with various mediums and coated with FDA compliant epoxy resin

** Disclaimer - if your order contains a non-glitter item, we cannot guarantee that your item will be 100% free from glitter. This is ESPECIALLY TRUE with all black pens.  Although we try REALLY hard and have separate work areas for glitter and non-glitter items, a piece or two may sneak onto your item. This is beyond our control.