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Gel ink pen w/stylus

Gel ink pen w/stylus

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Imagine being able to change the look of your pen in seconds - without buying a whole new one!!  Enter “the crafters pen”  these pens are exclusive and were designed from scratch to be an alternative to the popular Inkjoy pens  they are made of durable stainless steel throughout   They also have a stylus on the back end!!!

once you checkout be on the lookout for an email from me within 48 hours to discuss your design and color options. Or you can choose one that I have pictured.  They are made to order and take approximately 2 weeks

  Retractable, Quick Drying, Inter-changeable Chamber  Ink Color and SIze:  Black 0.5mm
Buy additional chambers separately to make more designs that can be changed onto the pen in seconds. 
Additional chambers sold HERE
The .5MM gel ink writes smoothly and dry's quickly.
Includes one refill in addition to the one inside the pen.  Refills can be purchased HERE
Unlike my Inkjoy pens - these do NOT come with a personalized velvet case. 

*PLEASE NOTE - chunky glitter will result in a chunkier pen.  If you select a chunky glitter, the barrel of the pen may be slightly larger than the tip **
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