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Pencil Pen

Pencil Pen

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Perfect for teachers, nurses or office workers!! Never have anyone steal your pen again!! Black ink. Each pen comes with a velvet pouch and one refill. 

Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pen (medium tip 0.7mm) made to look like a pencil!!

Can be done with or without glitter.  All personalization done in black 

Tips of pens represent color of ink. I cannot epoxy/glitter over tip of pen

to see one being made CLICKHERE  (TikTok)

 *please note - colors may vary slightly due to differences in computer monitor settings. No two items are exactly alike. If you chose a design picture, it will be replicated to the best of my abilities. These are HANDMADE - and as such may have very slight imperfections (as with any handmade product)

** Disclaimer - if your order contains a non-glitter item, we cannot guarantee that your item will be 100% free from glitter. This is ESPECIALLY TRUE with all black pens.  Although we try REALLY hard and have separate work areas for glitter and non-glitter items, a piece or two may sneak onto your item. This is beyond our control.

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