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Pastel color burst Bingo Dauber

Pastel color burst Bingo Dauber

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CURRENT PROCESSING TIME IS 2-3 WEEKS - colors sell out quickly

*a small decal will be placed on the bottom of the dauber with company stamp. this is to prevent resale*

Get your bingo game on!!!! Take your play to the next level with these custom created bingo daubers’

Each one is hand painted, glittered and sealed with epoxy resin in the color of the ink. Choose a funny saying (examples pictured or create your own) or add your name!! Customizable on BOTH sides!!!

name / saying will be in black vinyl and sealed under epoxy.

daubers are sanded, painted, glittered then coated with UV resin and glitter!! beautiful pastel / blended color with iridescent glitter on top and bottom. (Final coat done with 2 part epoxy resin for durability. ) Lettering is permanent vinyl and sealed under final coat of epoxy resin

Dauber measures 6.5” tall (with cap) and 1.5” wide. THIS IS A 3oz DAUBER

* these daubers can be refilled!! Simply purchase the ink through Amazon or another wholesaler. Or, buy another dauber from the store (dollar tree or Walmart usually have them). Pop the top off and pour the ink from the cheaper dauber into your glittered one!! (I recommend wearing gloves!!)

Ribbed, screw on cap makes it easier to remove. color of cap indicates color of ink inside dauber. I CANNOT CHANGE THIS

Each Dauber is 3 oz, Brand new,

PLEASE NOTE - in the production process - some ink may appear on the inner “dabbing” sponge part of the dauber. This does not mean it was used. These are brand new - however, I adhere them to a turner arm bd they are turned upside down quite frequently so the ink may seep onto the sponge.

Keep out the reach of children—Not to be ingested

Daubers Made in the USA
brand of dauber is “Dab-O-Ink”

  • Ribbed caps makes it easier to remove dauber lid
  • 11 different colors  - Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Yellow, Magenta, Pink, Purple, Teal, Orange, Ruby Red
  • Each Dauber is 3 oz, Brand new, Never used--
  • Keep out the reach of children--Not to be ingested
  • Daubers Made in the USA 


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