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Super sparkle Bingo Dauber

Super sparkle Bingo Dauber

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get your bingo game on!!!!  Take your play to the next level with these custom created bingo daubers’

each one is hand glittered in color of your choice!!  Choose a funny saying (examples pictured or create your own) or add your name!!  Customizable on BOTH sides!!!

*please note - due to the fact that these are handmade cannot EXACTLY duplicate one that you see pictured   I can use the same colors, but it may not look identical to a previous one 

daubers are sanded, painted, glittered then coated with UV resin!! Final coat done with 2 part epoxy resin for durability.  Lettering is permanent vinyl  chunky glitter will be matched to the ink color 

MADE TO ORDER Current production time is 2-3 weeks to allow proper curing   Comes with gift bag!!

  • Ribbed caps makes it easier to remove dauber lid
  • 11 different colors  - Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Yellow, Magenta, Pink, Purple, Teal, Orange, Ruby Red
  • Each Dauber is 3 oz, Brand new, Never used--
  • Keep out the reach of children--Not to be ingested
  • Daubers Made in the USA 


THESE CAN BE REFILLED!!!  When your ink is empty, simply “pop” off the sponge dabbed using gloves   Bingo daubers are available at many places like Walmart or dollar tree  simply use ink from a new dabber and pour into this one!!  Fanned ink may also be purchased through Amazon  (Sorry, I do not sell ink refills)

please note this variation contains chunky glitter. May not be 100% smooth. Also, additional layers of epoxy are necessary with chunky glitter.

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