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Kinda Savage 20oz Skinny

Kinda Savage 20oz Skinny

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Ladies, listen up! Whether you’re a sassy twenty-something or a fabulous fifty, this tumbler is your secret weapon. It’s not just a cup; it’s your daily affirmation, your mood booster, and your conversation starter—all rolled into one.

Why You’ll Adore It:

    • Bold Statements: The phrases are like little pep talks from your bestie:

      • EVERYONE THINKS I’m SHY BUT I really JUST HAVE NO INTEREST IN TALKING TO ANY OF YOU IDIOTS”: Because sometimes silence is golden, and eye rolls are platinum. 😏
      • I MAY LOOK LIKE I’M DOING NOTHING BUT IN MY HEAD I’M QUITE BUSY”: Your brain is a multitasking wonderland, and this tumbler gets it.
      • My Mouth Doesn’t Say Much BUT MY FACE ABSOLUTELY DOES”: Your expressions spillthe tea, darling. No filter needed.
      • CANCEL my SUBSCRIPTION I’m DONE WITH YOUR ISSUES”: Consider this your emotional unsubscribe button. Click, and drama be gone!
      • I’d agree WITH YOU BUT THEN WE’D BOTH BE WRONG”: Because life’s too short for wrong opinions.
      • And don’t miss the bonus round: “I FEEL PERSONALLY ATTACKED BY MY OWN ATTITUDE TOMORROW.” We’ve all been there. 🙃

Versatile AF: Fill it with morning coffee, afternoon iced tea, or evening wine (no judgment here). It’s like your personal cheerleader, saying, “You’ve got this, boo!”

    Care Instructions (Because Even Tumblers Need TLC):

      • Hand Wash Only: Treat it like a delicate flower. Gently wash with mild soap and warm water. No dishwasher drama, please.
      • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Keep it away from flames and snowstorms. Your tumbler prefers cozy vibes.
      • Dry with Love: Pat it dry gently—no vigorous towel dances required.
      • Stay Hydrated: Fill it up and conquer the day. Remember, it’s a tumbler, not a time machine. 😉

    So, whether you’re at the office, the gym, or your favorite brunch spot, let this tumbler be your sidekick. Sip, swing, and sparkle, because you’re kinda sweet, kinda savage, and absolutely fabulous! 🥂🌼

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