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Custom Order Tumbler -PLEASE READ

Custom Order Tumbler -PLEASE READ

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This listing is for informational PURPOSES ONLY.  DO NOT ADD THIS TO CART AND CHECK OUT - YOU WILL BE REFUNDED.  Once a design is discussed and agreed on, I will send you a digital “mock-up” and create a custom listing for you with a price breakdown

All my tumblers are double walled 18/8 gauge stainless steel   They can hold hot or cold beverages and keep them at temperature for 6-8 hours  every tumbler comes with a sliding plastic lid and most come with straws (with the exception of mugs,  wine tumblers and bullet thermos)  ALL DUO TUMBLERS come with TWO lids (Hydrosport flip top and screw on sliding lid)

As with any handmade item, minor imperfections may occur. These include, but are not limited to microscopic air bubbles, color variations and slightly uneven areas. I AM NOT AMAZON, nor are my tumblers made by a machine. No handmade product is ever “flawless” - although I am a perfectionist and inspect all my tumblers several times before shipping to ensure the highest quality possible.

Turnaround time varies by season and availability but typically runs 2-5 weeks  these tumblers take time and are done in layers (sanded, primed, painted and then designed with either glitter or other mediums   Each layer requires proper drying time between coats  I can’t just “throw glitter on a tumbler” and coat it with epoxy  proper curing time between layers of epoxy is 6-8 hours   Final coat takes a full 72 hours to cure before I can offer local pick up or ship


Due to the nature of my work, I don't offer "menu style" popular designs where you can pick a generic design and a size.  All my work is custom - designed by you!!

This listing is to showcase what sizes and colors I have available. 

prices shown for sizes listed is for BASIC DESIGN (2 colors & 1 decal)  additional fees apply for custom design, media and decals as follows:

  • additional decals / images - $1 EACH IMAGE
  • Additional colors (glitter / mica / paint) - $1 EACH
  • “Mood ring” additive - $8
  • UV / color change vinyl or glitter - $2 each
  • glow in the dark - $5
  • intricate design / custom (such as peekaboo / woodgrain, beach design). (Cost varies)
  • zipper - $10
  • non-glitter cup - $5 (requires separate tools and cleaning fee)
  • texture / scales - cost varies
  • other add ins - varies 

If you would like more information, or a price quote on a custom piece, please fill out this form and I will contact you to give you an estimate.

To see examples of my previous work, CLICK HERE (opens on Facebook)

Please treat this product with care as it is handmade and can be quite fragile. Hand wash only, not microwave safe, not dishwasher safe, do not leave in hot cars and/or high temps or direct sunlight. DO NOT DROP!

Please understand that ALL EPOXY NATURALLY YELLOWS OVER TIME anyone that tells you differently is not being truthful. I use a UV resistant epoxy that slows the process of yellowing as well as an additive that brightens it - however this will not stop the yellowing from happening all together. Keep your cups out of direct sunlight as much as possible!!



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