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3 tier resin tray

3 tier resin tray

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Add some sparkle and elegance to your home decor with this stunning blue resin geode stand. This unique piece features 3 tiers of hand poured resin with embedded patterns that resemble natural geode formations or crystalline structures. The edges of the tiers are irregular, enhancing the organic aesthetic of the piece. A metallic rod connects all three tiers, providing support and stability while also allowing space to display your favorite items on each level. The lower tier is larger than the upper one, and both have a glossy finish that reflects light, highlighting the intricate details within the resin. This stand is perfect for showcasing your jewelry, candles, plants, or other small objects. It will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any room in your house. 🌟

  • 14” high (from bottom to top of stem)
  • 9” high from bottom to top tier 
  • Top tray - 5.9”
  • middle tray - 7.87”
  • bottom tray - 9.84”
  • space between tiers - 4”

*please note - this piece requires adequate time to cure due to the large amount of resin used.  If not cured properly, trays could warp or be distorted. Production time is approximately 2-3 weeks.  Tiers will be wrapped individually and hardware will be sent in the package.  Instructions on how to put it together are included 

can be any combo of colors. Edges will be painted with either gold leaf, silver chrome or copper (whichever compliments your color choices).

Other ideas

  • clear w/florals
  • solid color micas (no glitter)
  • name or saying can be added under resin and imbedded inside one or all of the tiers

if you have any questions, please send me an email prior to placing your order (

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