How Fluffy Frank came to be

HI!  My name is Cheryl (not Frank)  you may ask, why is my company named “Fluffy Frank Creations” if my name is not Frank??  Well, stay tuned bd I’ll give you a little background  
When I was in my 20’s - my dad purchased a rental home.  I helped him fix it up over the next year and I was in charge of the decor. As I was picking out decor (flowers for the tables, bedspreads, etc..) - my dad would always look at it and say “i think it needs more fluff”. He would always want to go one step above to make it look aesthetically pleasing to potential renters   After awhile, we referred to him as “Fluffy Frank”

In 2019- my dad lost his battle with cancer, then a few months later, Covid hit and shut everything.  I was stuck at home with LOTS of free time on my hands.  

I had always been crafty - but after my Dad passed away, I lost my “spark” to create - but with all this free time, I had to do something with my time. 

I started slowly with a few ceramic mugs for my husbands co workers and teacher gifts. But people were responding and asking me “hey, can you make my sister a cup?”   And so on, and so on.  So, I decided to take it to the next level and open a Facebook page and sell my creations online. What better way to honor my dad then to name my company after him.  I take plain cups and “add more fluff”

Oh, and why is there an elephant in my logo??  well, I had given my dad a small elephant as a Christmas gift when I was in elementary school.  Unbeknownst to me, he had kept it with him for OVER 30 years!!  As he grew sicker, he showed me the elephant (who had seen better days) - and told me how important it was to him - and how when he died, he wanted to be buried with it.  I honored his witches - but wanted to keep the memory of him alive through that elephant.