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Magic Mug

Magic Mug

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100% High-Quality microwave safe Ceramic Mug. BPA free

Magic Mugs are heat sensitive and actually change color to display your image when exposed to hot liquid. When the mug is cold, it appears solid black, but when coffee (or other hot liquids) are added, the black color magically melts away to display your chosen image.

not recommended for dishwasher. Repeated washing and exposure in dishwasher to harsh chemicals and high heat could fade or compromise the image over time

if ordering a mug with a personal photo, please forward image to Please forward the highest quality image you were able to. If image appears blurry, it will be blurry on the mug. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out before ordering.

I have access to thousands of different images and sayings. Please specify in the provided design description what you would like on the mug if not ordering a photo. I will reach out to you and we will communicate through email to get you exactly the design you like.

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