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Listing created for Melissa ONLY.
*digital proof not available   See video attached to listing   All work will be approved by customer via text message*

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20oz skinny duo tumbler - linkin park split w/zipper


NO NAME / personalization

Multiple album images scattered around one side of cup.  Front side - lyrics to “numb” in red lettering with album background  

zipper color - BLACK

Price breakdown:

  • Basic tumbler price  - $42 includes the following)
    • double walled stainless tumbler
    • duo tumbler - TWO LIDS INCLUDED
    • Basic design services - simple design - digital proof
    • 1 vinyl or waterslide decal
    • 3-5 coats of FDA food safe epoxy resin.
    • four-six hours of labor.
    • materials for basic design (0.5oz glitter / mica / paint)
  • Additional decals (6-8 album covers) -$4 ($0.50 per photo)
  • Zipper addition - $10

** PLEASE NOTE - your item will have a REAL zipper adhered to the tumbler. Zipper is NOT functional and WILL NOT open or close.  TUMBLER WILL NOT BE FLAT / SMOOTH around zipper area. **

** PLEASE NOTE - this tumbler will NOT include a custom zipper pull like the Jack skellington tumbler   Zipper pull is standard and will NOT DANGLE  it will be epoxied to the cup **


If you would like to see your tumbler being made on TikTok - please include your username at checkout. 
Processing time for most items is 14-21 BUSINESS DAYS (M-F) - this equals around 4 weeks.

I am small business, and a one woman show - so I do not work on weekends. During busy times/ holidays, orders may take slightly longer. Please understand that delays do occur due to vendor supply issues as well as simple human error. I carefully inspect my items every step of the process.  If during the design process I find an uneven spot or something does not "look quite right" that I am unable to fix -  I will notify you and may have to start over on your item. This can cause delays. 

Please note that some custom designs (examples include, but not limited to: glitter swirls, mica swirls, beach scenes, woodgrain) WILL LOOK DIFFERENT then the digital version pictured above  I cannot exactly duplicate a specific “pattern” on one of these types of tumblers   The epoxy swirls and cures in its own time and I cannot control if there is more or less of a certain color  once design / media is placed on tumbler - if the pattern is not as you “pictured” it - I will have to completely strip the tumbler and start over   This will result in an additional cost   This is the reason I do a digital “mock up” - to give you a general idea of how it might look  it is not an exact science - please understand this 😁

By signing below, you understand that this is a handmade, custom product, and therefore may contain some slight imperfections (as with any handmade product). Cup may have some small dimples or bumps.  This is unavoidable. NON-GLITTER TUMBLERS may have a small amount of glitter on them.  This is also unavoidable as most of my items contain glitter.  I make every effort to clean my workspace between items, but as we all know - glitter never goes away!!  🤣

PLEASE CHECK INFORMATION ABOVE CAREFULLY FOR ANY SPELLING ERRORS.  If name is mis-spelled above, and you checkout - your name will be misspelled on the final product.  please check carefully for errors!!

All tumblers will NOT be shipped / picked up for a minimum of 72 hours after the final coat is applied.  This is to ensure the epoxy is properly cured and to avoid damage to the tumbler.  I ship from El Paso, TX

ALL designs require payment in full before any work is performed. Processing time for tumblers is currently 14-21 BUSINESS DAYS (M-F)  AFTER ORDER IS PLACED AND PAID FOR

This is a custom order and therefore cannot be resold.  Once order is placed, I allow 24 hours for cancellation.  After 24 hours, if you wish to cancel - you will forfeit your payment. This is custom made - for you, and only you.  NO REFUNDS.  Whenever possible, a digital “mock-up” will be provided to customer to ensure accuracy. (this may not be possible with some custom color combinations or designs) We will keep you updated every step of the process and send progress pictures along the way to make sure you are satisfied with your design.  Please note that ALL CHANGES TO COLOR / NAME or any other aspect of the design MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING TO FLUFFYFRANKCREATIONS LLC (this excludes changes to font type which can be done via text)  There will be a point where I am unable to change the design of your tumbler due to the fact that it has already been painted / sealed.

By completing your order and submitting payment - You acknowledge and agree to all of the above